Current Notices

Help Wanted (Volunteers)

- See the volunteer opportunities below!

Livestream - AV Booth

Live Streaming on Sunday - You have basic computer operating knowledge (turning on/off, opening files, etc.) Training is provided and tools used are easy to learn. Live streaming is done from the back of the church~ at Holy Family - Training provided - 902-667-2523 for more information

Digital Sign

Assist in updating the Digital Sign (can be done from home) for the Central Office and Holy Family Church. Training provided for this tool - 902-667-2523 for more information

Facebook Administrators

~ for each church ~ Editor/Administrator (can be done from home) to assist in updating the ASP Facebook site with weekly updates, events activities happening in each community, engaging new followers to the site, and sharing important activities from our faith family. Training provided - 902-667-2523 for more information - Required by September 2022

Youth Faith Formation

~ for our Junior High Youth ~ Adults that would assist in the launch of a new Junior Youth Formation program for Fall 2022 for Grade 7, 8 and 9. EDGE for youth.
Approx 2 hours per week. Enjoy the thrill of watching youth grow in their faith, lead activities, retreats, weekly youth nights to share scripture, play games, encourage discussion and sharing, music, etc- 902-667-2523 for more information - Required for September 2022

ALPHA Launch

~ Leaders to assist our ASP community in the ALPHA program. Go to to learn about this amazing tool to reach out to those who are “unchurched” in our community – who are feeling that something is missing, who are needing “more in their lives”. Those who are atheist, non-believers and unengaged in any faith experience. Sharing life, faith, hope and Jesus on a 11-week course that creates a space, online or in person, where people are excited to bring their friends for a conversation about life, faith, and Jesus. Training provided 902-667-2523 for more information - Required Immediately for September 2022 start


~ at Holy Family - Training provided - 902-667-2523 for more information

Notes and Reminders

  • No Scents Just Make Sense!
    Scent Free Reminder.We ask your cooperation, when attending church functions, to please refrain from using scented products. T